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Dear Parents and Guardians:

Welcome to the Harlem Elementary School web page. I am proud of our dedicated, experienced staff and enthusiastic student learners!

As demands and complexities of teaching children increases, it becomes more evident that we all need to work together to ensure that our children reach their full potential. It is our belief that all of us- the school and community-must work together in an extended family environment to promote success for all students.

We believe it is everyone’s responsibility to empower children with the creative, intellectual, and decision-making skills necessary for them to become academically, socially, physically, and emotionally successful and responsible. At Harlem Elementary, we utilize the MBI principles and practices to teach and reinforce positive academic and behavioral expectations. R.O.A.R tickets are awarded to those students who are caught demonstrating the R.O.A.R. Guidelines, which can then be turned in for a weekly prize drawing.

It is our desire to keep you informed of all that is taking place at school. Up-to-date and additional information will be sent to you through the monthly newsletter and will appear on our school web page. If you have questions or concerns that arise at any time, please do not hesitate to give your child’s teacher or me a call. We look forward to having a long and rewarding relationship with you and your family.


Shiloh Seymour

Harlem Elementary Principal

BellHarlem Elementary Bell ScheduleBell

Monday through Thursday 8:15 – 3:15
Friday 8:15 – 2:15



This Week’s ROARing Students

These students earned ROAR Tickets throughout the week & their tickets were drawn in our weekly drawing.

Congratulations to Ryan Fetter & Natalia Oats!

These students were our top AR readers for the K-2 and 3-6 grade groups for the month of September.

Izzy Baker Breydon Hawley Sept. 2017 AR winners 003

Congratulations to Izzy Baker and Breydon Hawley!



Staff Profile

Check back every week to learn about a different staff member!

June Bullinsight– 3rd Grade Teacher

How long have you worked at Harlem Elementary? I’m ending my 17th year!

What did you do before you worked here? I worked for the Ft. Belknap Head Start program for 6 years teaching 4 and 5 year old children.

What is your favorite thing about working at HES? I love working with the students. They are so full of energy and are very sharp! It’s great to see how well they progress throughout the year! Also, the staff is very supportive and great to work with.

If you could vacation anywhere in the world, where would you go & why? I would love to go back to Kumomoto, Japan to visit my host families.

Favorite Food: Pasta          Favorite Color:  Purple      

Favorite Music: Oldies & Christian        Favorite Movie: Hallmark Movie Channel movies

Tell us something about yourself that we may not know: I was an exchange student in Norway and Japan. I also visited Iceland and Ireland, as well as Canada.


Happening Around the Elementary

Students participate in and enjoy the spoils from the Homecoming parade 2017.

Harlem Homecoming Parade 9-22-17 040Harlem Homecoming Parade 9-22-17 053Harlem Homecoming Parade 9-22-17 056

Native American Week Pow Wow 2017

Native American Week - Powwow 9-20-17 016Native American Week - Powwow 9-20-17 019Native American Week - Powwow 9-20-17 052Native American Week - Powwow 9-20-17 079Native American Week - Powwow 9-20-17 084Native American Week - Powwow 9-20-17 102Native American Week - Powwow 9-20-17 168Native American Week - Powwow 9-20-17 226Native American Week - Powwow 9-20-17 268Native American Week - Powwow 9-20-17 355Native American Week - Powwow 9-20-17 384Native American Week - Powwow 9-20-17 446Native American Week - Powwow 9-20-17 454Native American Week - Powwow 9-20-17 476

Track & Field Day 2017

attachment (1)attachment (3)

5th Graders present their volcano projects to HES Kindergarteners

Harlem Ele. 5th gr. Volcanoes 3-17 003Harlem Ele. 5th gr. Volcanoes 3-17 012Harlm Ele. 5th gr. Volcanoes 3-17 020

The Office on Violence Against Women presents “Hands are not for hitting!” to Harlem students

Office On Violence Against Women Assembly @ Harlem Ele. 3-24-17 123Office On Violence Against Women Assembly @ Harlem Ele. 3-24-17 111Office On Violence Against Women Assembly @ Harlem Ele. 3-24-17 109Office On Violence Against Women Assembly @ Harlem Ele. 3-24-17 099Office On Violence Against Women Assembly @ Harlem Ele. 3-24-17 079Office On Violence Against Women Assembly @ Harlem Ele. 3-24-17 078Office On Violence Against Women Assembly @ Harlem Ele. 3-24-17 044Office On Violence Against Women Assembly @ Harlem Ele. 3-24-17 014

2nd Graders display their self portraits for Parent/Teacher Conferences

Ms. Rhonda Yellow 2nd Gr. student self- portraits @ Harlem Elementary 014Ms. Doreen Peterson 2nd gr. student self-portraits @ Harlem Elementary 021Ms. Amanda Frank 2nd gr. student self-portraits @ Harlem Elementary 017

Staff celebrates World Autism Awareness Day

World Autism Awareness Day Harlem Elementary 012

I Love to Read Week takes over Harlem Elementary!

Students & staff celebrated by dressing as their favorite book characters, enjoying an ice cream party for earning AR points, collecting prizes, and giving teachers a pie in the face.

Favorite book character I Love To Read 002aFavorite book character I Love To Read 006aFavorite book character I Love To Read 008aFavorite book character I Love To Read 010aI Love to Read Week 2017 002I Love to Read Week 2017 003I Love to Read Week 2017 006I Love to Read Week 2017 010I Love to Read Week 2017 012I Love to Read Week 2017 017I Love to Read Week 2017 021I Love to Read Week 2017 030I Love to Read Week 2017 040I Love to Read Week 2017 049I Love to Read Week 2017 059I Love to Read Week 2017 061I Love to Read Week 2017 062I Love to Read Week 2017 065I Love to Read Week 2017 066I Love to Read Week 2017 068I Love to Read Week 2017 070I Love to Read Week 2017 073I Love to Read Week 2017 075I Love to Read Week 2017 076I Love to Read Week 2017 078I Love to Read Week 2017 090I Love to Read Week 2017 107I Love to Read Week 2017 116I Love to Read Week 2017 120I Love to Read Week 2017 144I Love to Read Week 2017 147I Love to Read Week 2017 153


Harlem Elementary recognizes top AIMS test perfomers in Reading and Math for each grade level.

Gracie Brockie (6th gr. Math & Reading), Keandre’ Aguirre (2nd gr. Reading), Thunder Bigby (5th gr. Math), Romeo Main (2nd gr. Math), Hope Paul (5th gr. Reading), Riley Walls (4th gr. Reading), Ethan Bigby (1st gr. Math), Jackson Young (3rd gr. Math), Chloe Green (1st gr. Reading), Noah Sanchez (3rd gr. Reading). Not pictured are Izzy Baker (4th gr. Math), and LaShaia Snow (Kindergarten Reading).

Harlem Ele. Reading Math AIMS test high scorers 005

Mrs. Kittson’s kindergarten cowboys and cowgirls tip their hats after performing a rootin’ tootin’ 100th Day song for the 2nd graders.


Kindergarten 100th day cowboys cowgirls 005 (002)

Students, Friends, and Family roamed our halls this January for our annual Winter Showcase.  This year’s theme was Disney.

Disney Showcase 1-26-17 013Disney Showcase 1-26-17 113Disney Showcase 1-26-17 106Disney Showcase 1-26-17 093Disney Showcase 1-26-17 092Disney Showcase 1-26-17 067Disney Showcase 1-26-17 064Disney Showcase 1-26-17 054Disney Showcase 1-26-17 045Disney Showcase 1-26-17 038Disney Showcase 1-26-17 034Disney Showcase 1-26-17 032Disney Showcase 1-26-17 029Disney Showcase 1-26-17 016

Harlem Elementary Students are Talented!


Hallways were decked out in holiday cheer for our first annual Christmas Hallway Decorating Contest

Harlem Elementary Holiday Halls 2016 146Harlem Elementary Holiday Halls 2016 102Harlem Elementary Holiday Halls 2016 105Harlem Elementary Holiday Halls 2016 133Harlem Elementary Holiday Halls 2016 140Harlem Elementary Holiday Halls 2016 091Harlem Elementary Holiday Halls 2016 099Harlem Elementary Holiday Halls 2016 098Harlem Elementary Holiday Halls 2016 067Harlem Elementary Holiday Halls 2016 068Harlem Elementary Holiday Halls 2016 072Harlem Elementary Holiday Halls 2016 087Harlem Elementary Holiday Halls 2016 063Harlem Elementary Holiday Halls 2016 053Harlem Elementary Holiday Halls 2016 062Harlem Elementary Holiday Halls 2016 049Harlem Elementary Holiday Halls 2016 047Harlem Elementary Holiday Halls 2016 045Harlem Elementary Holiday Halls 2016 039Harlem Elementary Holiday Halls 2016 029Harlem Elementary Holiday Halls 2016 032Harlem Elementary Holiday Halls 2016 035Harlem Elementary Holiday Halls 2016 023Harlem Elementary Holiday Halls 2016 018Harlem Elementary Holiday Halls 2016 019Harlem Elementary Holiday Halls 2016 011Harlem Elementary Holiday Halls 2016 003Harlem Elementary Holiday Halls 2016 001

Annual Christmas Concert


Harlem Ele. Christmas Program 2016 002Harlem Ele. Christmas Program 2016 008Harlem Ele. Christmas Program 2016 018Harlem Ele. Christmas Program 2016 021Harlem Ele. Christmas Program 2016 033Harlem Ele. Christmas Program 2016 043Harlem Ele. Christmas Program 2016 063Harlem Ele. Christmas Program 2016 090Harlem Ele. Christmas Program 2016 098Harlem Ele. Christmas Program 2016 124Madison

A little winter fun!

Harlem Ele. Kindergarten Carolers 013 (003)Harlem Ele. Kindergarten Carolers 018 (002)Harlem Elementary snow fort builders 126 (002)




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