Hello, my name is Teresa Cornell and I am the Business Manager/Clerk for Harlem Public Schools. I have been in this position for 21 years and I love my job. I am an alumnusof Harlem High School and graduated in 1980. I graduated from MSU NOrthern with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. After graduation, I lived near Landusky for 10 years. During this time, I w as the Business Manager/Clerk for the Hays/LodgePole Schools for 5 years. I served on the State Board of the Montana Association of School Business Officials from 2004-2009.


My name is Michelle Sears and I have worked for Harlem Schools for 19 years and before that I was the Principals secretary for 4 years. I enjoy my job and enjoy watching the students of Harlem grow up and graduate and become mature adults. I raised 3 children that all graduated from Harlem and now get to watch my grandchildren grow up here. I graduated from Wolf Point and attended Billings Vo-Tech and an enrolled member of the Fort Belknap Assiniboine Tribe.


My name is Monty Werk and I am a Harlem Native; born and raised. I attended Harlem Schools and graduated in 1979. I then attended Northern Montana College in Havre, MT. I am an enrolled member of the For Peck Assiniboine and Sioux Tribes. My children are Mike Durand, Stella Messerly, Sunni Plumage and Miles Werk. I have 5 gradnsons; Thomas Durand, Terrance Messerly, Thomas Messerly, Christopher Plumage and
Brody Plumage. I have worked for Harlem Schools for 20 years. I started in July 1996 as the Principal’s Secretary. I transferred to the Payroll Clerk in April 2010. I enjoy working at Harlem Schools.


Hi, I’m Darla Johnson. I am the current Business Office Assistant, Purchasing and Accounts payable. I am starting my 28th year with the Harlem School District. I started as a Bi-Lingual Aide at the Grade School; I was in this position for 6 years. I then transferred to the Jr/Sr High School Office as an Office Aide. During this time the Business Office Assistant position opened, I decided I should use my AA Business Degree so I applied and was offered the position. I truly enjoy working for the District and the Students.